Thursday, 29 December 2016

Link Building Success

Having a post that goes viral seems like a great and glorious thing in a marketer’s world, and that is how you have success, right? Well, let’s look at what a successful link building campaign looks like.
If the final goal of success as a marketer was a viral hit, then most good marketers out there would probably be in the “fail” category. Having a post or link go viral is not true success, but how the trend of your linkbuilding campaign goes.

Trend is huge. If you look at a lot of good, quality marketers, you may see a few spikes in their viewed content; but, it will almost 100% of the time come down some degree. But if you look at the overall trend, there is increase in views over months to years. You want your trend to be increasing in the number of views. This is how you will build your audience and succeed in SEO marketing.
One reason a viral hit alone will not make significant impact on your rank list is because Google’s algorithm is very complex. They make it complex so that when something goes viral, it will not make all related sites to the post get top rankings. Google wants quality sites to rank high to help their viewers, not just a one and done site.

Link building alone will not make your site rank high. Yes, it is part of the equation, but it is not the whole picture. There are many marketers who have worked hard on link building campaigns just to find that it is not working. Some things to consider are:
-          Number of SEO factors that correlate to the site
-          Updates and penalties of algorithms
-          SERP changes (which would include the knowledge box)
-          The activity of competitors online
There are definitely other things that contribute to rankings, but these are a few things to consider when you are working on a link building campaign.

Improving Approaches

When you build links, you want to make sure the content you’re linking is relevant. Make sure you work the link into the site so it flows, and lastly make it have value of its own.
If your content is relevant, it does not necessarily need to be exactly about your product or service, but if it is important to your service then these can generate a lot of good traffic. Over time, a lot of relevant content will increase your rank list.
You want to make sure your link flows with the content of your site. If it is just awkwardly put in your site, you will likely have less viewers use the link. They should have a good flow when transitioning from one site to another.
If your content has true value and can stand on its own, you will not have such a hard time making it credible and will last against Google’s ever-changing algorithms.


Link building is good. You need to have a plan, but the goal is not a viral link. The goal is to continue to have an upward increase of views to your site through well thought out and formulated plans. This type of link building campaign will last the test of time.


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